Workplace Investigations

Complaints of workplace harassment and bullying are emotionally challenging issues for employers to deal with.   Unresolved or poorly managed complaints have serious legal and financial ramifications for organizations and can have devastating impacts on morale and the organization's reputation in the broader community.   

Kinnear & Associates Consulting has over 29 years experience investigating issues of workplace harassment,  bullying, code of conduct and other workplace conflicts and supporting all parties to achieve fair and respectful outcomes.

As a neutral third party, we have respectfully and effectively assisted organizations, their boards and/or legal counsel to achieve timely, fair and balanced outcomes to complex workplace issues.  With our extensive training and experience, we are able to manage the extensive fact-finding and investigative process and may do so on behalf of legal counsel where the potential for litigation exists.

We can further assist you by assessing your current policy, procedures and complaint management systems and re-draft these all important documents where necessary.

We have conducted successful and unchallenged investigations across diverse organizations within both the public and private sectors including but not limited to: hospitals and health care organizations, social service agencies, school boards, mental health and addictions, developmental services, Autism Services,  health and wellness, financial institutions, manufacturing, printing, distribution and construction, .

HR Services

We offer the full range of Human Resource Management services aimed at aligning your organization's human capital with your business strategy.  We accomplish this through the delivery of the following services:

  • Performance Planning & Development

  • Competency Development

  • Succession Planning & Executive Search

  • Organizational Analysis & Design

  • Workforce Planning

  • Retention & Engagement

  • HR Policy Development

  • Development of Employee Manuals/Handbooks

  • Employee & Labour Relations Consultation & Support

  • Customized training programs